Introducing He11okiki blog

Intro to Hello KiKi

To introduce my Hello KiKi blog; I will start off with my very personal, but powerful life motto: Wish it Dream it Do it. Throughout this blog I wish to explore a variety of my passions and I will introduce them each on how I discovered them in life.


Since I can remember I have been a dreamer. I always wish for more in my life, as we all do in various ways. For me I have seen my dreams come true and once I realised that I was the maker of my life. All I had to do was to just make a wish…and one day those wishes would become my dreams (goals) and ultimately those dreams became true due to my passion that drove them to become a reality. Example of my wishes becoming true would be that I wanted to travel Europe and in 2007, I was newly single and bought myself a trip around 10 countries in Europe for a month. I had always wished for it as a kid and as a young adult that wish became a real dream (goal) and then I just did it (bought my ticket) and had one of the best experiences of my life.


For the last 10 years of my life I have been wandering the globe, experiencing all life has to offer as there are so many formats to live life. I could never adapt to one way as each new place had some else to offer that was more appealing. My journey has taken me to live in 4 different countries Canada, Dominican Republic, England and I have now settled in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne City

How did I get here…

I followed my motto (Wish it Dream it Do it) and after living in England for a year, I decided to move back home and find a job that would pay for my next adventure AUSTRALIA. It took me 2 ½ years to save enough money but  the only unfortunate part about finally having enough… I would have to leave my wonderful family and friends to explore and discover this new place that I had no idea, what it would offer me.

Why did I pick Australia?                         Just because… I wanted to go there.


The plan to not plan. I had no plan what so ever and decided that on arrival in Australia I would just go where ever the wind would take me. For the first 3 months of my travels I explored Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Auckland and Cairns on this no plan system. I fell madly in love with the “vibe” in Melbourne as it was full of colourful graffiti laneways, amazing Australian fashion designers and wicked music festivals!

My life change after 3 months in Australia and 1 month in Thailand as I fell “in love” but I will leave that story for another post, as that was definitely not part of the plan.

Keep Australia Colourful


My love for fashion comes from my mother who has made me into her living doll. To this day she is still dressing me clothing that designs or I instructor her to create for me. Throughout this blog – her beautiful homemade one of kind designs will be featured, because her fashion makes me happy as it is made with love. It’s funny how “fashion” it keeps us close together regardless of how far apart we are.

White lace dress with blue lining - made by VW
White lace dress with blue lining – made by VW

I studied Fashion Arts in College for two years and work in the fashion industry in Toronto. My favourite quote, one of my professors said to me and has stuck for ages “FASHION IS PASSION”. It is so true but for me my passions for traveling overtook my life and lead me around the world. I got the famous “travel bug” and to this day it is still prominent. I still have kept my fashion with me throughout my travels and friends would make comments, that I was not a real backpacker based on the way I was dress.  I really was it was just that I would take out dresses instead of pants or shorts.


How my passion for photography came about was discreet. When I created my motto (Wish it Dream it Do it) I had no idea it would impact my life the way it has. Around the same time I created this motto, I was given my very first film professional SRL camera from my brother and mother as gift and since then I have develop this interest of photography. Through my travels photography was made easy, as there was so much to capture through the lens when you are wander in a new world. Beautiful new things would pop up everywhere around you to photograph. Some of my favourite images to this day were captured on my film SLR. In 2009 I decided I need to upgrade to DSLR and started capturing photographs in my backyard (City of Toronto). I discovered I really had passion/talent for photography but I had never really considered it before, even though I was always the friend who took all the photos on nights out. I decided my trip to Australia I would create a portolio of my photography work which can be found on tumblr or flickr accounts. This year I was lucky enough to purchase the new CANON 5D Mark 3, she is my beauty and I named her KiKi.

New Canon 5D Mark 3
New Canon 5D Mark 3

What is your motto in life?

If you don’t have one remember…keep this one in mind  as it is simple – WISH IT, DREAM IT, DO IT!

You will see your hopes and dreams come true, just as I have and still do.

KiKi xo

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