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Magenta Madness

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Wearing: ASOS Pants / H&M Jacket & Scarf / ALDO heels / Lisa Ho necklace / Vintage top

These pants are currently my favourite item in my wardrobe and I’m not usually a pant person.

They are lightweight, comfortable and MAGENTA!

Great to wear during this transition from autumn to winter. I am loving them so much…that I’m thinking of getting them in black as they were only $37 from ASOS. Whenever I wear these pants to work I match them with my magenta lipstick from Sportsgirl and co-workers always ask if I match it on purpose…and YES of course I do. I also adore my gold glitter heals that always add jazz to any outfit I match them with.

Melbourne’s laneways sold me on living here in Australia…they are all truly unique in their own way.

Graffiti laneways are usually full of colourful, bright, crazy, confused, creative art. I see the graffiti art concept rings true to my theory “see the beauty, in all the ugliness”. In other words, find the positive in the negative as graffiti can have a negative label behind it. Not here in Melbourne though. Melbourne has labelled themselves the “Stencil Graffiti Capital” and it is only getting more popular each day.

I love photographing laneways and lucky for me Melbourne is full of them. You never know what you might discover!

If you want to check out the graffiti – Location – Uniacke Court, Melbourne

Photos by Samantha Kurilic edited by me

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