My Happiness Project

The Happiness Project

Books: the HAPPINESS project by Gretchen Rubin & HAPPINESS journal by Kikki.K

I have discovered this brilliant book “the HAPPINESS project” at one of my favourite stationary stores Kikki.K earlier this month. I instantly fell in love with this book as I could relate to it on so many levels.  I define my own happiness to this simple statement: “I know it when I see it or better yet, I know it when I feel it.”

When I bought this book, the sales clerk informed me that Kikki.K was doing a workshop on the Happiness project and you get the Happiness journal Kikki.K designed when you go to the workshop for free. I decided to give the workshop a go and went to it yesterday evening. I was exciting see what tips I could learn on how to bring “happiness” in to my daily life. We did 3 different exercises in the journal and my favourite one was when we did a reserve bucket list, which is a list of all the things you have accomplished and are proud about that you have already done in your life to date. I encourage everyone to do this!

After writing the list you actually feel good and see how much you have achieved in your life to be proud about. As I stated in my first blog post, I am a dreamer and I always want to achieve more and do more in my life to make the most of it. I easily forget about all the things I have done and am currently doing that gives me something to be HAPPY about now.

Another thing I have decided to do to make myself happy is to buy fresh flowers for myself every week for my desk, while writing my blog posts.

At the back of the journal is a pledge note card to make one pledge to yourself for a year (see below my pledge)

Kikki.K pledge

I will work hard to write blog post every week with the hope the my followers will enjoy reading as much as I love blogging.

The first section of the journal is about gratitude and each section suggest you take a month to focus on and explore.

One of the things I have listed is to  formally THANK all my followers for reading my blog.

And on top of that I would personally like to thank the following people who have supported and encouraged me to create this blog;***Scott Smith, Samantha Kurilic, Janelle Gibson, Phillip Collins, Sarah Kelly, Sarah Petchell, Dad and Mom.***

This is a beautiful book and journal and I would encourage anyone to purchase it, as it has already bought happiness into my life.


What are you grateful for today?

I your open to share I’d love to hear if you want to make comments below 🙂

4 thoughts on “My Happiness Project

  1. I will start… I am thankful for Scott buying take out food while before he came home so we didn’t have to cook and just hang out together quickly before doing more work before bed.

    1. I am only up to February as well…been traveling for the past month and I thought I would have down time to read it but unfortunately not. I will get back into it in the next couple of week and post some of my findings in my blog.

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