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Flower Picking

Saturday afternoon all to myself…


Went to the market and pick out flowers for my desk at home 🙂

Too many choices to choose from…as there were many cool flowers. I definitely do not have one favourite flower, its like me picking one favourite colour IMPOSSIBLE!

I love Kale flowers – I never seen them before until I moved to Australia…I love that you can eat them.


Roses are a beautiful classic flower but I prefer not to receive them as a gift….much prefer picking them out myself. Nothing original with getting roses from your partner…but that’s just me. I love any kind of originality.


Never seen a chilli bouquet – now that is original and somewhat practical.


After all that, I ended up with light pink roses and magenta carnations – I think I bought them because I’m loving those colours lately as I just bought 2 new shades of lipsticks from Sportsgirl the same colours.


Been doing lots of researching on hotels in Dubai for our upcoming trip – if anyone has recommendations of hotels, please let me know – post some comments.


My desk at home is a ‘work in process’ and is not exactly how I would like it, very unorganized and cluttered.


I am loving this magenta colour


Thanks for reading my blog and flowers have made me happy this weekend.

I hope everyone has done something nice for themselves too!

2 thoughts on “Flower Picking

  1. Love it! Let your desk always be a work in progress and be a process-as your ideas grow your desk can be a thought station
    Keep spreading your happiness!

  2. This is just too sweet. I read this before the weekend and never got around to posting a comment. When to the shops this afternoon and saw the most beautiful arrangement of flowers & it totally reminded me of you – I couldn’t help but smile 🙂 ❤

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