Singin the raincoat










Wearing: Gorman Singin the raincoat

All Melbournians know that rain is just part of our winter weather and after 2 years and 10 months of living here I have finally bought a raincoat. Best part about this raincoat is that is it on sale now for only $99 at Gorman. It is key essential part of my wardrobe now as I ride my bike to work every day rain or shine.

Random thought: How long do you have to live here to call yourself a Melbournian?

I think maybe in a couple more years, I could consider myself as one. I hope so, as I have loved living here and there is still so much to explore and discover in this beautiful city.

Downside of living in Melbourne is that it’s so far away from the rest of the world. Last time I went home in November 2011, I realised that I made a good choice when I moved here as the vibe Melbourne created was a place I wanted to be. Bonus part is that it is such a safe place and I am truly grateful for living here for many reasons that I could go on and on about.

My boyfriend (Scott) has brought so much happiness into my life and Melbourne is one part of that. When I get homesick, I remind myself “I am living in Australia” a place I dreamt about living for ages and I snap myself out of it. I have got to experience so much since I’ve moved here and I am excited to final be able to share my world with Scott. He can finally meet all the wonderful friends and family and see all the great places I grew up.  You never really know a person until they bring you home.

Next week I will be hanging up my raincoat and packing my bikini for some overdue sunshine weather!

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