Birthday Picnic

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Wearing: Zara top & skort / Bracelet Marc Jacob and heart ring / Sunglasses topshop

I truly am spoiled and got to enjoy my birthday with family and friends at Trinity Park in Toronto. My mother made homemade cupcakes that melted in the sun unfortunately but were so cute. There were heaps of food that my mother prepared that we all could not finish but it was an awesome spread. THANKS MOM!!!

Mom also decorated the park with these beautiful lanterns that were quickly snatched by Emily one of my best friends who just moved into her new house, to use for decoration.

My other best friend Tania showed up with fun Canadian gear for Scott to wear for the day. He was such a trooper and wore all the Canadian gear all day long. It was a wonderful day and night.

No photos of the night were taken except the Instagram ones. Check out Instagram to keep up with my daily adventures as it is hard to find time to post.

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