The Edgewalk

I am skipping ahead and posting yesterdays experience at the Edgewalk on the CN Tower! The pictures speak for themselves so I won’t see much but if you want to see the city of Toronto it is the best way to go!

CNTowerEdgeWalk-2 CNTowerEdgeWalk-15 CNTowerEdgeWalk-17 CNTowerEdgeWalk-19 CNTowerEdgeWalk-21 CNTowerEdgeWalk-22 CNTowerEdgeWalk-23 CNTowerEdgeWalk-24 CNTowerEdgeWalk-25

It’s a great experience and I was very nervous hanging over the edge especially when we had to do it facing forward. Leaning back is more easy as you don’t have to look straight down but yeah it was a great experience and not as nerve racking if you stay calm and just enjoy the view. It is so safe and our guide Kyle made it a great experience. There will be a video posted of the experience shortly so stay tuned.

Don’t miss out – The Edgewalk

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