Castle Loma

Yes, I am back catching up with all my posts I have missed while traveling across North America this past month.

I have truly missed writing and posting photos for all my readers and I hope you have missed me too 🙂


Back to some places I love in Toronto but always forget about in the city…like Castle Loma. Yes, we have a castle in Toronto and it is truly beautiful 🙂 I really wanted to come back to do a photo shoot here but unfortunately I never got a chance but here are some quick snaps I took one day passing by with Scott.


I have no memories but apparently tones of stories my mom shared with me about running through the castle during Christmas as a child looking for Santa. I am not sure what events happen here now but I know it’s a favourite spot for wedding photos and I completely understand why.


I truly wish I made more time to visit the castle properly, so I guess it is going on my list of things to do next year in August when I am back in Toronto for my cousin’s wedding. I am honoured to be going to her wedding but more than anything to be apart of her bridal party.


Wearing: Urban Outfitters White Top / Zara Jeans / Ray Ban Sunglasses 


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