CN Tower

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Back tracking to the afternoon at the CN Tower when I did the Edgewalk I also got to go to the sky pod which is the highest level on the CN Tower to get some of my own snaps of the city.

We also checked out the glass floor which was full of people laying on taking selfies. When I was a kid my older brother James was so scared to step on to the glass and for some reason I just ran out and jumped on the glass floor like it was trampoline. FEARLESS! I can’t say the same thing of myself now….watching the video of myself walking around the edge of the CN Tower still makes my palms sweat. I am so glad I did it though as it was a exhilarating experience…and it now I am on my way to Dubai to visit the highest building the world the Burj.

Side note: I am writing this blog while on my 14 hour flight to Dubai as they now have internet you can purchase on flight! (At least on Emirates)

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