Chichen Itza



















Wearing: Urban Outfitters Top / Forever 21 shorts (similar) / Converse / Aldo Hat / Vintage sunglasses

Chichen Itza is an amazing place to visit and anyone who goes to Mexico near here must go and see it!

There is more than just the one famous pyramid, our yearly calendar today is loosely built around this pyramid thanks to some incredibly smart people and the odd few thousand workers.  As you can see through my photos I’v tried to capture all the ruins with all their detail, as they date back to being built over 1500 years ago.  The history that’s in this place absolutely fascinates and I’m always so eager to see just whats next around the corner.  And when I’ve seen all the sites just kickback and enjoy the locals with their hilarious humour and beautiful culture.  My favourite quote I heard quite frequently around the local stalls was “It’s almost free just $1” only to find out you looking at something worth $50.  You will spend at least an hour and half going around to all the different sites.  I will admit it was extremely hot and I could barely stand in the sun for long, but don’t stress as there are plenty of trees to shade you from the suns punishing rays. You must bring sunblock, water and a hand fan to keep you cool. Most importantly, don’t forget your camera!

I took the advice from fashion blogger Tuula Vintage about hiring a personal taxi driver instead of going on a bus tour. We got to the site early and could spend as much time as we wanted at the site. It cost us $250USD for a driver for the day and he took also to the Il Kil Cenote which was the best part of the day.

The Il Kil Cenote is a deep natural hole/sinkhole full of fresh water. We went there after visiting the site and it was so refreshing after being in the hot sun during middle of the day. After swimming in the beautiful Il Kil Cenote which Scott describes as scene out of the Avatar movie. Francisco our driver took us to town for some local Mexican food before our 2 hour drive back to Cancun.

More photos on the day to follow – stay tuned!

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