After our visit at Chichen Itza we went to Valladolid a town where we had some local mexican food.  We found it a little challenging to order lunch as I could only read a few words in spanish. Thankful our driver Fransico assisted us and ordered the food for us but in all honestly, I was not sure what was going to be served. In the end the meal was amazingly tasty and one the best meals we had all week.

We were in a rush to get back to the city for a dinner reservation so I did not have much time to capture photos around the town except some of the snapshots you see featured in this post. Along the drive I got to see such colourful buildings, it was amazing see bright colours like purple, yellow, green and and sky blue.  If only I could get away with painting my house in Melbourne bright purple. What can I say, I love colour and anywhere that showcases differently wins my heart.

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