BOB – Big Orange Bridge


Nelson features structure they all call “BOB” Big Orange Bridge. We were staying in a motel across the bridge from Nelson so every morning required us to drive across Bob to get to my brothers house.


This is my brother water hole where he comes every morning for a refreshing dip. Refreshing is a bit of an under-statement as the water was 6 degrees in temperature….”friggin freezing” in my words!


It may look like I’m enjoying myself but I’m actually freaking out as the water was freezing cold. After I dunked my whole body into the water I got such a body shock that it woke up any sort of jet lag I might of had.  It was 35 degrees out that day and this water was still freezing has it comes from the top of the mountains.




Can you see the Bob?



All throughout the mountains are hot springs that you can visit, we went to one of the commercial ones – Ainsworth Hot Springs which had an amazing view of the mountains. It was unique place as I had never been to a hot springs before and it seemed like a public pool but it was not. It a place to go and relax for an afternoon in different springs depending on what temperature you could handle. There was one cold dip pool like my brothers water hole which was not as cold but none-the-less freezing. The caves were extremely hot that I almost could not breath inside them, but after awhile I got use to the heat.




Location: Ainsworth Hot Springs

3 thoughts on “BOB – Big Orange Bridge

  1. When I saw the title, I had to check what is it about. It’s amazing the fact that there are so many beautiful places in the world that we don’t know. Great post, and awesome pictures.

    1. Thanks Kurba, Nelson is one of the most beautiful places I have been too in Canada! I recommend anyone to go their, its such a small town but has so much to offer in the surrounding areas. It’s a place that is spoiled with so much natural beauty.

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