What does your hang out spot look like?

What does your hang out spot look like

I cannot get enough of Nelson, BC! This is where my cool older brother hangs out and goes mountain biking with his friends.


I was not feeling well this day, as you can see… so I decided to chill out on this raft and catch some vitamin D, while the boys went mountain biking in the forest.


I cannot describe you what it feel like to show up to a place like this in person… it is truly AMAZING!



I could’ve happily sat and relaxed all day here alone with my thoughts on how amazing my life is and how lucky I am to be traveling the world with my lovely boyfriend and visiting my brothers home of Nelson, BC.



Star jump for an epic garden of nature!



Enjoying a moment with Scott –he was telling me how much fun the mountain bike riding was with my brother in the mountains. He advised me it was probably a good idea I didn’t come as the trails were overgrown with long grass weeds and wild flowers and its was very hard to see where you were supposed to be riding.  Also Scotty “stacked it– Aussie slang” aka”fell” once, while coming down a steep hill.


I don’t want to leave.


This water was extremely warm compared to all the other lakes in the surrounding area. Another reason I love Canada so much…there are so many beautiful lakes EVERYWHERE!


Wearing: American Apparel Bikini 

My brother – The coolest dude I know and love! Thank you for living here and showing me another world that Canada has to offer. Congratulations of becoming a father, I couldn’t be more happier and proud of you! Baby Emma Dawn Hughes will have the best life growing up in this backyard. I am “heaps”  (my favourite adopted Aussie word) jealous of the life she will get to live here.

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