Just because…

Just Because












Wearing: H&M Jacket / Dress Mendocino  / Honey Necklace / Christian Louboutins 

This Saturday I decided to treat myself and get a hair and makeup done at the wonderful salon the Blow Dry Bar in Melbourne Central. I recommend going to the Blow Dry Bar just to get your hair wash and blow dry into a curls before any event or party you might have. It is completely worth the $40, especially for women like me that do not know how to do hair well.

It was an unplanned day and I guess that is sometimes a good thing, because you just go with what you feel vs. what you think. After a lovely afternoon getting pampered at the salon, I came home to get dress up to surprise my boyfriend Scott as he had no idea what I was up too.

It was a perfect night in the city, we went out for a steak dinner at Squires Loft and then walked around the city enjoying the lights. We stumbled across Hosier Lane and checked out the graffiti laneway that apparently got all covered in blue paint but was quickly graffiti over before the artist could finish his work. I love graffiti artwork, it is so confusing and colourful and somehow in dirty laneways looks unbelievable!

One thought on “Just because…

  1. I love the whole notion of “Just because” things. I’m sure you surprised your boyfriend, since you look stunning on these photos. I loved the graffiti as well.

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