Being BOLD

Being bold









I no longer have to post what I carry in my bag with my new DIY clear stylish bag by A Pair & A Spare / Wander & Hunt

I am completely in love with it as now I get to show off all the amazing things I carry around like my Mimco neno wallet, my new FREND headphones, Typo floral notebook to keep all my ideas in for posts, iPhone (iPhone case) and finally my new Gorgeous lipstick called Lola bought at the Blow Dry Bar



Wearing: Zara Leather Skirt | H&M Belt | Gorman Boots | Vintage Top | Wander & Hunt DIY Earrings & DIY Studded Clear Bag

Being BOLD with wearing my brown leather skirt and boots, DIY Wander & Hunt kits (earrings & bag) and my magenta top and lipstick got a lot of positive reactions to this look.  Most people would pause and then react (I assumed they were questioning the look in) but thankfully everyone loved it.

Colour blocking is a cool trend and I was not even trying to do it in this outfit, I just put it together in a hurry thinking the colours would blend well. I love the effect as colour is a key component to Hello Kiki style, as well as, being BOLD.  I encourage everyone to just try and rearrange their clothing with a top or pant they might not have worn together to see how it turns out and it might turn out to be a new favourite look.

I love the finishing touch to my look, as it add that WOW factor and I created it last night with my DIY earrings kit, I bought from Wander & Hunt . They are my new favourite shop online, as they have everything you need to make your own jewelry. I am designing different style earrings this week that I hope to give away in my next online Hello Kiki competition…stay tuned!

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Photos by: Shadow Clouds Photography 

3 thoughts on “Being BOLD

  1. excellent work Kimmy. A picture says one thousand words and this is very true here. I show “Hello Kiki” to the people I work with and they think you are very talented-not like me at all they say. Hmmm




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