Wearing: Zara pants & Necklace | Forever 21 top | Vintage heels | Fleur sunglasses | Louis Vuitton bag

Our first day out in Dubai was a bit of a disaster, as we had no idea what we were doing. I suggest firstly to anyone who is traveling to Dubai or a similar country do some research unlike us. I tried so hard to buy a Dubai Lonely Planet book but at every airport we landed in NO Dubai Lonely Planet were available

I really wanted to go to the old souks to see all the textiles, gold and spices (the marketplace) to shop around for souvenirs but when we arrived and started walking around we noticed something really strange. There were no people around…it was 2:30pm and everyone had finish work as they closed for afternoon and were to open back up at 4:00pm. ROOKIE MISTAKE! We thought by wandering the around Bastakia Quarter to discover the Arabian architecture and culture would be good idea…WRONG AGAIN. It was sooo hot that we could not stand the heat. Taking all these photos were very difficult in 45 degree weather, I felt so uncomfortable as you can sometimes see in my face.

Nonetheless, it was beautiful to see this place when no one was around and I didn’t feel silly posing in front of beautiful buildings. I really wished it wasn’t so hot as I would have loved to stay in the city and see the sites but we could not handle it and lasted only 45 minutes in the heat and jumped into a taxi to the closest mall for AC.

Another major tip is to find out when Ramadan is as it causes a lot of changes for tourist as there is no eating, drinking during the day and no nightclubs open for the whole month. It is very quiet in Dubai during this time which can make it a unique visit if you do decide to come during this period (July/August).  I quite enjoyed it, as it was a relaxing way to wind down after a 5 week travelling holiday.  I definitely need a holiday from my holiday

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