The Balconies at Grampians National Park

The Balconies – Part 1

The Balconies at Grampians National Park


What a view from the Balconies in the Grampians, Victoria





I was very scared sitting up here, even though I was smiling. I took off my shoes so they wouldn’t fall off.

The Grampians

The Balconies

The Sky, that looks like earth

There is always a different perspective in life and through the lens.

Mini stonehenges

I came across mini stonehenges.

Hello Kiki on the Balconies

Don’t look down!

The Balconies view

I had a request to put Scott, my boyfriend in my blog (here he is with NO fear at all sitting on the edge of the Balconies!

Even though Hello Kiki is about all my adventures – Scott is always close by enjoying them as well, usually behind the camera helping me capture it all. He plays a major role in the success of Hello Kiki and I am truly grateful for that.

On top of the Balconies

mini stonehenges

the balconies and the view

Hello Kiki at the Grampians

Wearing: Manning Cartel Jacket (old) | Sass & Bide Zippora Jeans (similar) | Michael Kors Flats | Scarf (souvenir purchase from Dubai)

Last time I was here in the Grampians was in the Autumn and we camped out for 4 night over the long weekend in Easter. It was such a beautiful experience to see what National Parks were like in Australia. So many different rules (no campfire), different plant life and less lakes. Nothing like National Parks in Canada that are more Lakes than land, see previous post on Algonquin Park portaging.

This visit was just a 45 minute afternoon drive from Ararat, which is where I will be spending some weekend for the next 6 months. I am very excited as this beautiful park is so close by, that I can come here and explore all it has to offer.

NEXT POST *Wonderland – Waterfalls Part 2* SOON

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