Hello Kiki iFashioniFashion = i know fashion

“Fashion is passion” is a saying that I got taught my very first day in College when I studied Fashion Arts.

Fashion outfits by Hello Kiki

Wearing: Forever 21 Black Dress |Zara Heels |Mendocino Blue Dress |H&M Sequins dress | Sass & Bide Jeans | Converse shoes |Urban Outfitters white dress | Gold Heels Vintage |Sportsgirl Black Earrings

Fashion has been a part of my life and has created this whirlwind of enjoyment in my life because to me…fashion is fun!

Fashion is not only about wearing clothing but it is about helping others enjoy it too. Whether it is seeing me wear a fun bright colourful outfit or sharing style tips and tricks to those who ask for it. Dressing myself is easy but dressing others is harder and challenging but that is something I love to do – challenge myself. The reward of helping another with something that seems so foreign to them and so natural to me is great. It is great to help others in any capacity and the look of happiness on their face when they find an outfit they love and that I was part of that process is so rewarding.


Fashion has always been such a big part in my life all due to my mother’s love of designing and creating clothes for me. So naturally I grew up enjoying it because my mother had so much fun making clothes for me. I then started designing and choosing out fabrics with vibrant colours to wear. All throughout school as a kid I would always wear dresses or skirts. Pants were always long on me so I never really bothered to wear pants. It was funny though as I was a bit of a tomboy, as I had an older brother who wanted to have a younger brother so he created me into a tomboy but my mother dressed me up as a girly girl. Fashion was always so much fun and I think I watched Cluesless the movie everyday a year because I was in love with Cher’s computer that picked out her outfit in a closet. After High School, I applied to College and got into Fashion Arts which was a business course studying all I needed to know to work within the fashion industry. I graduated with honours and worked part time in the fashion industry at fashion shows, clothing boutiques and more.

Now living in Melbourne, I am ready to start embracing my fashionista styling skills and creating an iFashion consultancy.

I will be posting my service fees and what they include shortly on my website, so stay tuned.


Special thanks to Samantha at Shadow Clouds Photography for photographing me in all the beautiful outfits!


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