October Bucket List

It is a new month and there is a lot I want to do so I thought I would share my top 10 things:

I think that when you actually put things out there in the open it makes them more real and pushes you to work harder to achieve those goals. Some of my goals are not extremely difficult to achieve like number 2, but remembering to stop and enjoy life is something we can easily forget when we are caught up too much or focusing on one specific thing ie. BLOGGING!

1. Take a bike ride to the beach to have a picnic if the weather permits it this month

2. Watch Thor 2 the movie
(Secret Confession: I Love all Comic Book Movies due to growing up with my brother)

3. Start going to my Body Pump Classes again

4. Try to get 200 followers by the end of October on Facebook

5. Create the Collection of Hello Kiki greeting cards for purchase

6. Start reading again
– Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and writing in my Happiness journal by Kikki K (previous post)
– Stop Playing Safe by Margie Warrell

7. Drive to Torquay, Victoria for a visit (Birth city of RIPCURL and Quicksilver)

8. Design some earrings with my new DIY gemstone kit for another (Hello Kiki Competition)

9. Discover a new restaurant in Melbourne to add to our usual eating places (Any suggestions would be great)

10. Start a new collaboration for Hello Kiki


Seeing how I love taking photos and sharing them with everyone….
I thought that it would be cool to also showcase some of my favourite items around my room as part of this post:

Polaroid camera sunnies

This is my collection of sunglasses that I purchased or was given to me when I went back home to Canada.

A lot of them I got for $5.00 from my favourite stand in Kensington market.

Also another favourite item in this photo is my Polaroid camera, with new film sitting underneath it that I can’t wait to play around with soon!

Christian Louboutins

My sexy new Christian Louboutins (Best Birthday Present Ever from Scott)

Michael Kors watch

My favourite accessories Michael Kors Watch, DIY earrings and Cuff bracelet from Wander & Hunt

I love Necklaces

Quick snapshot of a lot of my necklaces – I LOVE NECKLACES!

My dresses - H&M

A cute dress I have had for awhile now, love the beading on it so much!

Hanging Converse shoes to dry

Of course my converse *LOVE THEM* hanging up drying after their first clean.

Perfume by Marc Jacob Daisy and Viktor Rolf Flower Bomb

My 2 favourite perfumes Marc Jacob *Daisy* Perfume (Gift)

Vase is from Dubai holding my brushes

Viktor Rolf *Flowerbomb* Perfume


I hope everyone has a OUTRAGEOUS OCTOBER enjoying all the thing you want to achieve.

Feel free to share (comment below) or think about some of the thing you want to get out of this month.

Thanks for reading

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