The Souk Central Market

The Souk










Location: The Souk Central Market in Abu Dhabi

The biggest thing I wanted to do when I arrived in UAE was to go to an old souk, which is obvious as I love shopping and doing it in a different setting and culture was very exciting. Unfortunately, I could not find one in Dubai or I would arrive at the wrong time and they were shut for the afternoon.

I finally gave up searching for them in Dubai and decided that when we arrive in Abu Dhabi, I would find one. That is exactly what I did. We arrived at the Souk Central Market and it was very architecturally beautiful with all the wooden designed panels running up and down the walls. This modern looking souk is actually one of the oldest sites in Abu Dhabi but has been renewed to keep up with the modern times and yet still hold historical feel. It is not like the ones you see on the in movies like I was expecting. Nevertheless I enjoyed the shopping but only wished I was able to purchase all the delicious herbs. Australia is very strict on bring in goods into the country and I did not want to deal with the hassle at customs, so decided not to bother with the risk.

The beautiful building in the last photo is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, this was the reason I wanted to visit Abu Dhabi to see this magnificent structure and the to learn more about the UAE culture.


More on Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in upcoming post.

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