Wearing: Asos Top | Skirt (Homemade by my mother) |H&M Belt | Rebecca Minkoff Bag | Zara Heels

As some of you may know if you have been following my blog from the beginning that my mother designs and makes some of my clothing. This skirt is one example of how talented my mother really is. My mother also has to design all my clothing from Toronto, Canada with the hope that it will fit me perfectly.
It is truly unique how “fashion” has kept us connected living oceans apart.
Ever since I was a kid I would just draw some of my designs of what I would like and give them to mom to create. Mom would take me to the fabric store to pick out the colour and fabric I wanted for my design. This collaboration has continued to grow and now it is just me emailing my Mom endless images and asking her “can you make this”? Now she has a bulletin board full of images I’ve sent her up in my room back home which is her sewing room.

I truly am one of the luckiest daughter’s in the world to have such a talented and supportive mother.

I found this photo online during NY fashion week on a fashion websites that I follow (I can’t remember which one). A month later I had a package which included this lovely homemade Vike Williams interpretation of the photo below.

Thank you so much to my lovely mother for not only your clothing designs but creating me into this fashionista.
I could not be who I am without her.


Ps. Purple is my favourite colour

3 thoughts on “Purple

  1. I’m impressed! She did a great job! And you look so beautiful wearing it!
    Also, I love the new layout of this blog, it’s so much easier to find older posts!

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