Forget Me Not









Wearing: Forever 21 Top (Sale)| Tony Bianco Boots (Sale)| Sportsgirl Hat  Zara Pants, Necklace & Bag

Celebrating my last lunch with a co-worker and great friend Samantha who has truly inspired me… as she is now venturing off into a new path with not only her career but family too. She has not only encouraged me to pursue writing this blog but has spent many hours out during lunch time taking photo of me that feature in my blog on a regular bases. I will truly miss our weekly photo-shoots but I know it will not be our last.

If you have someone in your life that encourages you or supports your dreams, you should take the time to appreciate them and also listen to their advice. Believing in yourself can be a battle we all face and Samantha has been one positive in my life recently that has constantly believed in me, and I cannot thank her enough. Samantha and I often say to each other “people come into your life for a reason” as we both know what great things have happen to us since we met.

On that note about appreciating the people around you and would like to pay my respects in honour of Remembrance Day to all the fallen heroes.

This photo shoot was done with my new iPhone 5s as I wanted to see the quality of the camera. No filters were added to the photos and only a few were chopped. Not bad at all iPhone 5s.

Samantha’s photography company

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