Great Moments

Dear Hello Kiki Followers,

I am sorry for my absence for the past couple of weeks. I have been sick with an awful flu and have not been out of bed. I just wanted to send a quick note to inform you all of my whereabouts and plans to be posting more frequently in the upcoming days.

Sick in bed

I just thought I would share some of my favourite photos that I have done since I have started my blog and remind all of you that you can still follow me more closely on instagram, twitter and facebook for more recent postings.









What do you love to do?

All I can say after lying in bed for the past week is that I am really excited for December 20th to come as my best friend and sister Maggie Williams will be arriving in Melbourne. She is visiting for the first time and is the first family member to visit me in Australia. We had made a pact when she had finished high school we would travel to Australia together but unfortunately life got in the way. I came to Australia on my own 3 years ago and she went to College and now has a successful career. We both share a love and passion for traveling but never got to share our own adventure together, other than our family trips to Dominican Republic, England and Paris, which were amazing trips that enriched our sisterhood into growing and beautiful friendship.

It does matter how late our adventure had to happen, I am just glad that it is finally going to happen (24 days)!!!

Our adventure will beginning in Melbourne and unfortunately only for a couple of hours as we plan to leave for our road trip the same night.

The Road Trip

1. Melbourne to Eden

2. Eden to Sydney

3. Sydney to Coffs Harbour

4. Coffs Harbour to Byron Bay (Christmas Day)

5. Byron Bay to Gold Coast

6. Gold Coast to Brisbane

7. Brisbane to Noosa

8. Noosa to Harvey Bay

9. Harvey Bay to Bundaberg fly to Lady Elliott Island

10. Fly back to Harvey Bay to Tenterfield

Maggie departs and flies back home to Canada 😦

11. Tenterfield to Bathurst to Canberra

12. Canberra to Bright

13. Bright to Melbourne


What I really love to do in life is to have great moments.

Life is about living and having adventures and sharing moments together with loved ones that you will remember and talk about forever.

I hope you stay tuned for our trip as it is an adventure you do not want to miss.

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