Summer in Australia

First Day of Summer

Hello Kiki in Docklands

Dockland Fish Bar Hello Kiki

Docklands hello Kiki

Hello Kiki in docklands

Hello Kiki docklands

Hello Kiki on iPhone

Hello Kiki in Docklands

Hello Kiki outfit

Hello Kiki docklands outfit

Hello Kiki Docklands

Hello Kiki in Docklands

Wearing: Cotton On Skirt | Brandy Melville Top & Bra | Sportsgirl Hat | Zara Flats | Topshop Sunglasses | Earrings & Bracelet DIY Wander & Hunt | H&M Bag | Belt (old)

 What a day to start the summer off for 2013. It is still a little weird to be starting summer in December being a Canadian baby all my life and after 3 years I am still adjusting. However, I am not going to complain as today was beautiful as you could feel the heat until 4 in the afternoon with temperatures as high as 30+ degrees.

Today I took a walk to the market to pick up some fresh vegetables and embrace the warm weather and later in the afternoon went down to the Docklands to see the Sunday market along the pier. Scott and I stopped for an ice cream cone to cool down a bit and then took some fashion shots of my outfit.

I love this outfit for many reasons and the first being that it is extremely comfortable. The skirts pattern is fabulous and fun and the fabric feels light that during hot summer days it keeps you cool and if it cools down at night it still keeps you warm. My top and bra are from a shop in Toronto that I discovered when I went back home called Brandy Melville. It has funky clothing that is so affordable and recommend all to check it out. I could have purchased more from that store if I had time. Finally my favourite items of my outfit are my Sportsgirl hat and my Zara sparkle flats as I think they are my key staple items for this summer.

 I have noticed that my sparkle flats have been noticed by many kids, when I wear them in grocery stores or just walking by them and I always give them a smile.  I love how kids are attracted to anything sparkly which just indicates that I still am a kid!

I think it is important to enjoy fashion and remember that it does not have to cost a fortune. My top & skirt cost under $50 each and my most expensive item was my Zara flats for $79 but I feel they give my outfit that wow factor! P.S they are so comfortable.

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