Brilliant Bling

This Christmas season bust out some brilliant bling to spice up your party outfit!

2012-12-04 at 12-40-15

Or if you are adventurous add it to a work outfit to create conversation with co-workers, like I did yesterday.

DIY Necklace by Wander & Hunt

 I am loving DIY jewelry kits from Wander & Hunt as they allow me to be creative and make it myself!

Necklaces have recently become a massive part of my wardrobe styling and I am not 100% sure why? I just love how a statement necklace like this piece I am wearing can turn any outfit into “WOW” factor.

I can find it hard to wear simple classic jewelry even though I do buy classic pieces I just always put on the chunky necklace to have some fun. However, I still love the idea of investing in classic simple jewelry.

It really is depends on the individual style and I
love the options to go in between simple pieces to bold and daring!

2012-12-04 at 12-39-47

For this holiday season, I thought I would post some of the shops and websites that I purchase some of my accessories from.

This necklace – I purchased as a Do It Yourself kit from Wander & Hunt one of my current favourite supply shop. I love creating their kits and making my own style earrings and necklaces to go with any outfit I want wear. See my other DIY earrings I’ve created and previously posted here and here.

If you wish to try a DIY kit like some of the ones I have done – SHOP here –

I love browsing through accessory shops/websites! They range in prices and styles so if you are looking for shops or website for accessories check my suggestions below:

Zara – – New jewelry line at Zara is fabulous – In Australia only available in store – not online


Jolie & Deen –  – Affordable trendy classic pieces with more options in store.

Jolie & Deen necklace

Jennifer Zeuner – – Classic expensive jewelry that will suit any outfit and will last you a lifetime

Abigail Mia

Sass & Bide – – Innovative statement jewellry – amazing necklace wrap around

Sass & bide necklace

Green With Envy – – All designer jewelry you would have never heard of – love ear cuffs

Juliette Right Earring

Sportsgirl – – Fun trendy jewelry that is affordable – My instagram photo of me wearing this amazing ear cuff

Sportsgirl ear cuff

I hope you love some of the options I have provided and if you are struggling for any gift ideas, accessories are always a great option for a friend or family.

Please feel free to post any comment if you wish to ask for any other accessory trends or locations to buy jewelry.

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