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Mendocino Dress | Sportsgirl Hat | Vintage Bag | Tony Bianco Heels 

Waking up to show off Sydney Harbour Bridge with my sister Maggie who will be featured through my road trip journey. I was also excited to take some photos of my outfit alongside the famous Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge as my backdrop!

Our time in Sydney has been very relaxing and laid back as we wanted only do the main sites as 2 days is not much time to really see a whole lots unless you want to rush around.

We took Maggie to Bondi beach to experience the massive crowds and waves and some Aussie sunshine!

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First night in Sydney – Ivy Bar to experience the amazing PACHA club which was amazing as they had acrobatic dancers spinning from the ceiling in the middle of the club. It remind me of being in Cancun, Mexico at Coco Bongos.


On receiving my sequin pants by H&M – Isabel Marant as a early Christmas present I couldn’t resist putting them on for our night out in Sydney as they are FABULOUS!

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