Port Macquarie


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Our road trip has been planned and booked for the first couple of days and after Sydney we had no real plans except we wanted to stop somewhere between Sydney before Byron.

A friend of mine contacted me while we were on the road and said they were in port Macquarie and suggested we catch up. so we quickly called there suggest camping site to see if they had any stops for us to pitch our tent for the night and lucky for us they did.

The best part about traveling sometimes is to not plan and book out every day as you want to leave room for random plans that may occur.

Catching up with friends Susi and David was great as they are my friends I met while tree planting 2 years ago, they still to this day are tree planting as it is hard to see them as they are always traveling around the country. They two have immigrated to Australia but from Germany so we have been experience the whole immigration process together for the past two years.

Even though it was only a couple of hours sitting outside our tents catching up and everything it was well worth the stop in Port Macquarie. We enjoyed a lot of laughs with a giant bug hitting me in the eye and lots more.

Camping for our first night was actually very easy in terms of sitting the tent and beds up. It was more of the late night visitors (spider) Maggie received during the night that caused a bit of a sleepless night and the cicada bugs going off in the morning. They were so bad that Scott woke up and slept in the car just to get a better rest!

After we put the tents down and cooked a quick breakfast we drove 1 minute down the road to Ricardo’s the farm that Susi and David suggested to us to pick some fresh strawberries. They are grown hydroponically so they ask you to cut them instead of picking them off the plant. It was a wonderful way to spend the morning and the strawberries were so fresh! I recommend anyone driving through Port Macquarie to exit the A1 motorway for a 20 minute break and enjoy the fresh fruit and the lovely cafe.

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