Gold Coast

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Wearing: Chameleon Vibe Dress | Zara Flats | Forever New Necklace |  With_Love_xx Flower Headband
Day 6 – Just before arriving in Gold Coast we stopped off for a quick snack and as we were eating we noticed a mother and baby kangaroo. This was my sister Maggies first sighting of a kangaroo in the wild.  They were very tame and didn’t seem to mind us being so close to them to take a few photos but the mother still kept a close eye on our every movement.

Arriving late in the afternoon into the  Gold Coast was a bit of a shame because we missed the famous Gold Coast coastline. This ment for a really quick camping stopover at the local Treasure Island Holiday Park.  For dinner I tried to book us into a seafood buffet boat cruise for the night as this is a great way to see the city of a night time, however due to it to being Boxing Day they were all closed.  We did manage to find Pacific Fair Mall to check out the boxing day sales!!! I purchased this beautiful blue dress up from a local store Chameleon Vibe that sells local designer clothing. I cannot wait to do photoshoot in this dress as it is perfect for summer beach weather.

I recommend having dinner at Bazaar in the very stylish QT Hotel. Its an Interactive Marketplace dining with no menu as the chef’s explain anything you wish to have. There was a variety of seafood to choose from and I enjoyed the crab the best, as you know from my previous post that I love crab! They serve excellent dessert with make your own ice cream and a chef with smash it up on a ice rock block for you.

IMG_8083 2013-12-26 at 20-48-54

Gold Coast had a lot to offer but given are timeframe we could not really enjoy it as much as we wanted. The weather also did not help us as it rained the morning we started packing up our tent, which is not a fun task. I will have to come another time to discover more.

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