Noosa – Teewah Beach














Location: Teewah Beach Camping (Noosa, Queensland)

Beach Camping was quite the experience in a number of ways so far on our road trip. Getting stuck in the sand after going into the wrong entrance was one thing but actually arriving at the beach camping area was quite another.

I was imagine a bunch of tents pitched up in the sand like you see at music festivals but much to my amazement I was completely wrong.  People set up little communities with massive tents and trailers full of christmas lights and areas for 20 people to gather and have drinks!

We were rookies and arrived at 9pm at night and it was pitch black.  We struggled to see where to drive on the beach as the only lights that could help you see where  you were going were the headlights on the car.  It’s a completely different experience driving on the beach as there are no line markings, and only a flicker of external lighting helping you see what else is around you thanks to the moon and the endless amount of stars above.  You also have to be extremely careful of the incoming waves because you can sink in the sand.   We drove on the beach for close to what seemed like an hour trying to find a vacant campsite and it wasn’t until we got to the end of the camping zone where we found a perfect camp spot right behind some sand dunes.  Pitching our tents in the dark was fun trying not to step on white crabs which were crawling everywhere. Our night was short as we were all exhausted but we all got up extremely early the next morning and not because we were eager but the sun beamed down on our tents and it felt like we were sleeping in a  sauna.

Scott started putting up a tarp to create shade so we didn’t burn our skin off in the extreme heat. The ocean was refreshing and became our savour from the heat as we got to jump and body surf the waves.  This was so much fun and the waves were consistently good. The park ranger came by in the morning to check our permit and inform us that our tarp Scott had just put up had to come down as it was blocking the Rangers driving route. That was very disappointing which caused us to then drive into the Noosa to grab some tent poles as we needed to have shade for the harsh Australian Sun.

Every morning the first thing I would do and inform the others to do was cover themselves in 30+ sunscreen as the Aussie sun will burn you red roar if you don’t give her the respect she deserves. After two days it was time to hit the road again, but Noosa has already become a favourite destination on our road trip, as the beach camping and star gazing was out of this world.

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