Lady Elliot Island Resort




The view on arrival to LEI


Introduction session and information on all wildlife around the island




Creative Art


Patio with the Lagoon view



Every tree had tons of birds in them






Our Eco Cabin at sunrise – ours was the 2nd left one



Important to always read the board before heading out into the ocean to see what the conditions were like.




The Ultimate Scuba diving experience at LEI




2E6A1259 - Version 2

As most of you have seen photos of this beautiful island in the last three posts on my blog (hereherehere) it was not always as beautiful as it seemed.

I decided to capture some photos of the resort while I was there to give people more a perspective of what the resort looks like and I also wrote a review on Trip Advisor as I was a little disappointed with the resort as it was overtaken by birds. My mother hates birds and I haven’t had the best experience with birds after growing up on a farm but this island was covered with millions of bird life and I was not a fan of them. They pretty much owned the island during the summer months and then migrate when winter comes round.  The worst thing about having thousands of birds flying around your head is that you feel like you are always going to be pooped on.  And trust me it happens and is almost impossible to avoid.  So for those of you who are superstitious and believe being pooped on is good luck then this maybe the Island for you.

Other than the birds…this island is managed and run by amazing staff that really make you feel welcome. When you arrive you are greeted and taken for a tour to all the key places before checking into your room.  Your accommodation package includes a buffet breakfast and dinner which was surprisingly good for a buffet, however there were still days that were better than others. My favourite meal on the island was the chicken curry. One thing that is a must is to go to one of the friendly bar staff and ask for a vanilla milkshake, they are amazing. Lunch is the only meal you have to pay for while on the island and any drinks or snacks. I’d recommend you to bring your own snacks as they quite pricy on the island.

Interestingly enough you are not provided with a room key to lock your room.  I assume this is because too many keys get lost in the ocean while swimming and they want to promote a safe close nit community where everyone feels like they don’t have to worry about as all of your belongings. Another bonus is you have to carry your wallet or money with you at all on the island as you simply book everything up to your room and fix up the bill upon departure. I thought it was a great system and they managed it well.

Other important things to remember to bring, reef shoes are a must as you simply won’t be able to handle walking the reef without them. I’d suggest bringing your own water container as it is an eco-resort and they have water fountains around the place. Bring lots of sunscreen and if you got one a underwater camera as you don’t want miss out all the beautiful creatures under the sea that you will discover here.

I would recommend to all to visit Lady Elliot Island as it is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Just go to see the sea turtles, they are amazing!!!

See my Trip Advisor review online for more information and tips on the resort.

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