Happy Birthday Australia








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Happy Birthday Australia!

I thought I would do a special post just for Australia Day, this being my 4th Australia Day since I moved here in October 2010.

I love being a Canadian as that will always be my home and heart. But I fell in love with Australia and with Scott and though I may feel torn at times I always remember my dream…to move here 6 years ago and I really did make my dreams come true by letting go…

Letting go is not easy and I will never let go completely as I love my family and friends deeply but leaving them behind in search for a new life was something I wanted for myself and I have no regrets. After living here in Australia I realised that I never let go of my home in Canada I just made room in my heart for Australia.

I admire all who leave their countries behind in search for a new place to call home. It shouldn’t be very surprising that I moved across the world seeing my own mother who is from the Philippines originally did the same thing when she was 19 but for different reasons. I look at my mother and she loves being Canadian; she loves watching hockey and eating poutine (fries with gravy & cheese) and has completely adapted to the Canadian culture. If I reflect on the past 4 years I would probably say that I’ve adapted to eating Parma’s a pub meal which is breaded chicken topped with  napoleon sauce, ham or bacon and then a generous covering of cheese. I love watching the AFL football and the Bombers are my team, and also how all Australians say “reckon” instead of “think”.

Australia is a beautiful country and I love exploring it. After this past road trip…thinking we covered a lot of ground made me realise we have just touched the surface! Nonetheless I have the rest of life here to explore this country and may I just say that it is one of the safest places I’ve ever lived. Mother nature is the only enemy to this land with wild bush fires and wind that damage this country. I am very fortunate to have been given a visa to live here and I am very grateful.

So this year my wish on Australia Day is to finally receive my permanent residency in Australia, so I can then take the next step to become an Australian citizen and have dual citizenship between the two countries I call home.

What is your Birthday wish on Australia Day?

Thanks for reading

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