I love Brisbane







Location: Brisbane Lookout 

Wearing: Sportsgirl dress & hat | Mango necklace (old)

Having a fun day simply doing the touristy stuff on our last day in Brisbane.  We are visiting the best lookout Brisbane has to offer for a view of the city. In my opinion Brisbane is small city but has the potential to grow much bigger and become one of Australia’s great cities.  Brisbane is known to the world with it’s great tropical weather all year round and it’s modern/historical buildings throughout the city. I especially loved Southbank and only wish it wasn’t melting hot the day I visited as I wanted to do a photo shoot but in 40+ degree heat plus 100% humidity I was  kidding myself if I  thought  that it was going to happen.

This trip was a lot harder to blog about fashion than I thought it was going to be… after days of being in the car and on the move, more than anything you just want to be comfortable. On Boxing Day I found up this funky colourful dress from Sportsgirl, and this bowler hat as an easy outfit to throw on. The hat was great for making my outfits more fun when I didn’t care about making my hair look good. And dresses to me are like jeans to most people…I wear them all year round so I of course fell in love with this dress and wore it a couple times.


Brisbane was the end of the journey for my sister Maggie, who had to depart and fly back to Toronto. She went from 41 degrees in Brisbane to -25 degrees and snow storms in Toronto, talk about not looking forward to going home. The trip would have not been as fun as it was if it wasn’t for Maggie’s “please and thank you and thank you agains”.  Her sense of humour and easy-going “all I want to do is play volleyball” (but never got too) ways.

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