Capital of Australia



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Inside canberra



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Welcome to Canberra the Capital of Australia

The last day of our road trip we decided to stop over and visit Parliament House. We were able to walk around most of the building whilst learning about Australia’s history through plaques on walls as well as statues and monuments. The Parliament building also has a fantastic rooftop lawn which gives you a fantastic view of Canberra city.  Though it was a very and I mean very quick visit in Canberra it was finally nice to check out and get my own visual of what it looks like, as for work I’m constantly  booking flights to Canberra for my boss as I am avn Executive Assistant to the CEO of a Non-Profit Organisation.

In terms of Australian politics I like to avoid engaging as a non-citizen as I do not have to vote. I do hope that my status will change in 2015 when I hope to apply for Australian Citizenship.

One rule in Australia I would actually like to admit is good… is that you have to vote in every election as a citizen and if you don’t you will get fined. I think that is pretty fair consider many people in the past fought for people’s right to vote and I know so many people back home in Canada who do not vote because they can’t be bothered.

Politics is such a difficult industry as you go into politics with good intent to make a difference in your country but in the end every business has “politics” and it’s never good so imagine what “politics” is like in politics! I do, however, love that Aussie’s call Politician’s “Pollies” it took me awhile to work that one out when listening in to conversations. I thought Pollie was a person’s name.

Thanks for reading

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