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Event: White Night, Melbourne

This past Saturday night/Sunday morning I spent walking around the city enjoying the amazing light show displays in Melbourne CBD. White Night was introduced to Melbourne for the first time last year. It an event that runs from 7pm to 7am where vendors and artist come together and showcase their art around the city.  I remembered that when I lived back in Toronto we’d do something similar called Nuit Blanche. Which when I said it out loud realised that it meant the same thing but in French! (Giggled to myself, as I had a duh moment)

Last year I didn’t make it out to the festivities so I thought I had to go to it this year no matter what just to capture a couple of photos. Probably going out at midnight isn’t the best due to the fact you are just too tired and cannot be bothered with lots of people, especially drunk people. However, I was impressed with the amount of people that were just out with friends having a chat in the middle of the streets hanging out. It is a bizarre night but nonetheless I enjoyed all the colourful images being projected on to beautiful historic buildings.  I also thought I was clever going at midnight thinking the majority of people would not have been around, I was wrong as there were still crowds of people you had to push through to get over bridges.

To make the most of this event you either have to plan ahead on all the places you want to check out (planner is on the website) or just select 2-3 and observe and sit and relax and enjoy it vs fighting through crowds.  I will admit that it was a photographers dream as so many of us were out shooting with our tripods trying to capture the best angle we could. I think if I went to this event again, I would plan ahead and go a little earlier and also have my fingers crossed for a little warmer weather as this year it was very cold out compared to the previous year.

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