April Fool

I had previous written a post on my bucket list for the month last year and I thought I would do another for this month. I have a lot of challenges ahead that I want to accomplish and I think with forward thinking/planning will help me to achieve better outcomes.

I thought I would share some of mine this month with you all in hope that it makes you think about what you want to achieve in this month of April as I cannot believe that it is already APRIL…2014 is moving too fast it’s hard to keep up.

Thinking of April always reminds of Spring time back home in Canada and the horrible task of spring cleaning, which I know some of you know you should do it but are avoiding it. For us in Australia it is time for us to say good bye to summer and pull out our boots and coats for autumn (even though it is 31.1 degrees out today)

I must say leather boots are a must purchase for this autumn and I am living in my new Tony Bianco boots as they are so comfortable and the best alternative footwear I have instead of heels. I’m sure you will see some post with me wearing them this autumn/winter season.

Now back to my APRIL FOOL challenge, I  call it “April Fool” as my list is probably way too big for me to achieve in month… so I am a bit of a fool for even thinking I will get all of this done.

1. Smoothie Challenge

Everyday I will make a homemade smoothie (using recipes from my new book “The Funky Fresh Juice Book” which was a gift from my good friend Alison who is also a lover of fresh juices) I’ve made some of her recipes as well see here. Follow on instagram to find out what smoothies I make.

2. Cook meals at home on the weekend

photo 4

I want to at least once (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) to stop buying take away and eating smarter.

3. Buy Fresh flowers every week for my new house
photo 2

I purchased these ones (below) on sale for 3.99 each as they were not in the best shape, but I thought they would look better in my home for a couple of days being loved and appreciated than in the bin.

4. Complete a DIY project once two weeks

Succulent Flower Arrangement

I love http://www.leaf.tv it has so many great ideas for DIY around the house so this month I hope to complete some.

5. Learn how to sew

Did I mention that my mother is arriving in Australia in 9 days!!!! So I’ve made plans for her to finally teach me to sew after all these years I actually want to learn. Never wanted to when I was young and she kept on insisting.

6. Road Trip outside Melbourne

I am thinking of going to the Great Ocean Road or Torquay – Any suggestions would be great as I want to show my mother the countryside of Australia on the long week.

7. Start working on my photography business

I have been so busy with the move my plans for my business has been put on pause for a month.

8.  Photoshop course at RMIT

photo 1

At the end of the month I am starting a new course in photo editing to improve my skills for all my images (Just need to book the course – TOMORROW)

9. Unpack all the boxes and decorate my new home


This is my favourite cupboard in my new home

Thanks for reading and all these photos are random iPhone photos I’d thought I would add to the post just to complete the randomness.

Good luck to everyone who creates their own APRIL FOOL CHALLENGE and lets home I achieve some of this goals.

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