H&M arrives in Melbourne

My thought process this morning

9:25am What should I do this morning?

9:28am phone rings it’s Scott “get up and go to the H&M, your a fashion photographer/fashion blogger find out what’s happening.”

10:05am Arrive at H&M Grand opening2E6A1599


10:24am quick selfie to post on instagram

2014-04-05 at 10-16-38

10:25am start debating if I should enter the line up????

10:30am cross the road to get my morning smoothie to continue my April Fool challenge. Plus you haven’t had breakfast!

2014-04-05 at 10-28-02


10:35am I am in the line… Now what??? I’ll call Tania while I wait… She wanted me to call her in the morning.

10:40am Tania had to go out on her date so she had to go. Now who can I call while still in line.

10:42am Mom answers and we catch up and I inform her that H&M is now selling homeware!!!! Check to make sure she is still arriving on Wednesday. She tells me not to buy any H&M clothes as she has packed me some in her suitcase for me.

Side note: the majority of my clothes as H&M and are purchased by my mother and mailed to me every couple of months.

YAY… Now I don’t need to have her ship them as I can shop here. Mind you everyone else in Melbourne will be too so I won’t have that point of difference but oh well. I love affordable fashion!

11:11am Mom asks me how much longer a wait do I have…? I think 30 minutes.

2014-04-05 at 11-15-0311:15am still in line and no one else is answering their phones. James my brother should answer he is in BC, Canada and is awake with baby Emma surely he should answer ring ring ring.  No answer!

11:16am  okay I’ll start writing my blog post on my phone as WordPress as an app so I can upload the photos right when I get home.

11:38am stilling writing and still not inside yet

2014-04-05 at 11-14-34

11:40am my feet hurt from standing and my camera and purse straps are hurting my shoulder and I’m getting bored.

11:41am stop listening to people’s conversations Kim. I can’t help it…. I’m bored and got no one to talk too.

11:42am I’ll call Alison surely she will answer… Ring ring ring. Voicemail (Damn.)

11:43am oh window display…. I like that dress

2014-04-05 at 11-43-58

11:45am finally reached the front of the building still a massive line!

11:46am wow…this sucks. Mom already bought my what I liked from Miranda Kerr line. Why am I here again?

11:52am well at least I’m outside enjoy the sunshine and besides what else would I be doing? House cleaning, unpacking boxes, laundry (oh remember to do that when u get home), groceries…. Vs. SHOPPING at H&M.

11:56am I hope they give you something for coming to the grand opening and the line ups to cash out aren’t bad.

11:57am at least I’m not the only crazy person waiting eagerly in line to see how they have redesigned the GPO Melbourne into the largest H&M store in the world!

12:00pm almost there!!!


12:03pm so glad I wore comfortable shoes

2014-04-05 at 12-03-22

12:04am DJ should have continued to play music to keep people spirits up while waiting in line.

12:05am it is nice to watch people enter the building with smiling, exciting faces!

12:06am I think I’m next to enter the build Yay!!!

12:12pm walking in!!!!!!

Inside the store I took quick snaps with my iPhone while rummaging through all that H&M had to offer

2014-04-05 at 12-52-33

2014-04-05 at 12-19-11

2014-04-05 at 12-14-08

2014-04-05 at 12-21-15


2014-04-05 at 12-25-46


2014-04-05 at 12-44-55

2014-04-05 at 12-44-50

Finally left the building…and yes we got a free t-shirt if you purchased anything. I did a lot of damage on the credit card for just being inside for 1 hour.

1:05pm arrived at my bike thinking how am I going to get all this home.

2014-04-05 at 13-10-17

1:15am guess I’m walking my bike home…good job Kim really thought that one through.

2014-04-05 at 13-30-47

1:25pm I totally love all my homeware stuff to put in the house…totally need to share on instagram and go back to H&M when Mom arrives.

2014-04-05 at 14-06-56

2014-04-05 at 12-50-45

I LOVE H&M…Thank you for finally coming to AUSTRALIA and my city of Melbourne!

Thanks for reading

5 thoughts on “H&M arrives in Melbourne

  1. Wow that was fun! I anticipated the end of the line up the whole way through. And LOL when you faced your bike ride home! Nice post kim! Xo

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