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“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be…” Maya Angelou

Today, I discovered this beautiful quote by Maya Angelou and many other wise words from her. It got me thinking about myself and how I have never felt normal and I think since I was young I have embraced that feeling. I think we are all need to try harder to be more abnormal and push the boundaries more in our lives as it is true that we will never know how amazing we can be if we are just trying to fit in and be normal in today’s society.

I have a weird love of wooden crates and think they look cool which is why I started photographing them today. I always want to turn them into furniture but lucky Scott says “no” to me as I think our whole house would be full of wooden crate tables, flower beds, bedframes and I’m sure I’ve thought of other ideas. He did say “Yes” to taking a couple of snaps of me next to them to share my new HM dress I bought at the grand opening and my favourite Tony Bianco boots that I seem to wear with almost every outfit lately. Unfortunately, I wanted to take more photos today but was unwell and decided to just relax for the rest of Sunday afternoon.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wearing: HM dress | Tony Bianco “Dane” boots | Rebecca Minkoff Purse

One thought on “Maya

  1. Your brother loves wooden crates too! One time he said he saw “some” free ones and got my blessing to go get them in the jeep. When he got home the jeep was full. And by full I mean, so full there was little room for even a driver. Packed to the roof and on top of the jeep too! … never again. LOL
    We got a patio couch, shelves for a garden, planter boxes and a king size box spring out of that load.. so in some ways I am greatful for his creavitity and drive to create.

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