Cape Otway Lightsation


With the Easter break being a distant memory now; Scott, Mom and I decided to go on a little adventure to a place that I’d been dying to visit since arriving in Australia over 3 years ago The Great Ocean Road.  There are so many hidden wonders along this magnificent stretch of Australian coastline.  Along the way we stopped at the Cape Otway Lightstation it is Australia’s oldest surviving lightstation and has been in operation since 1843.  That’s quite an achievement in my eyes.  The staircase up the lightstation was a tight squeeze, however, once you are at the top the view is just breathtaking.  I must admit though I almost thought I was going to be blown off thanks to the “Roaring Forties” winds the Cape Otway is renowned for.  My Mom made it to the top with me but kept a tight grip on the handrail.  She’s such a trooper.

This post is dedicated to my mother who is the strongest most bravest women I know, who has continued to surprise me even at the age of 61 who has flew over to Australia by herself and has now lived in Melbourne exploring every laneway and shopping mall Melbourne has to offer. I am so proud to have her as a mother and in return I try my best to alway be good and make her proud.

I know that this comes just before Mother’s Day but this whole month of April has been the Mother of all Months to me by having her here.

Thank you mom for spending April with me I can’t wait for our final weekend trip to Sydney together.

Love you lots Mom xox














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Happy early Mother’s Day to all beautiful mothers you are amazing women xox

Location: Cape Otway Lightstation

Wearing HM Jeans Sportsgirl Sweater | Converse

Thanks for reading – If you are wanting any tips when traveling to Great Ocean Road please just comment below.

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