Twelve Apostles Photo Diary II

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Being a photographer blogger you appreciate places like the Twelve Apostles, as the backdrop is just amazingly effortless!

As for this awesome hat by Lack of Colour, I am not exactly posing with it but trying to hold it on my head from blowing off. It was so cold by the shore so I had to layer up with these two knit sweaters by Sportsgirl which I recommend all to invest in some good knits for this season as it feels like it maybe a cool winter.

Capturing these photos along the shore was such a laugh trying not to get washed up by the high tide. Unfortunately for my mother she became victim to the incoming tide as a freak wave pushed right up the beach.  It was lucky for my mother she wasn’t washed up by a wave…but hahaha it was soo funny to watch…Scott and I just ran leaving her behind to get soaked as we were too far away from her to help her out.

“Life is like the ocean. It can be calm or still, and rough or rigid but in the end it is always beautiful.”

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