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Brighton beach

Location: Brighton bathing boxes

A couple of weeks ago, I took my mom to see the Brighton beach bathing boxes to share one of my favourite sites in Melbourne. I obviously love this site because of all the bright colours, they simply make me smile.

Unfortunately, I got down to the beach and realised I did not have a memory card in my camera (oops). So the quality photos I had wanted to capture I couldn’t do but I did take a couple iPhone shots (on instagram) and for my mom to have for keepsake.

I always wondered if you could rent the bathing boxes out for the day and here is what interesting facts I just learnt about them;

 There is no electricity or running water.
You must be a Bayside ratepayer to buy a Dendy St bathing box.
 Licensees are not allowed to rent or sublet their bathing boxes.
 Licensees are not allowed to sleep in or use their bathing boxes as accommodation.
 Originally was a waiting list for a bathing box, and paid about $11,000 for them; now they sell for up to $260,000.
 Bathing box designs and colours must not be used as advertising, or be painted in colours to advertise a business.

So I guess ever stepping foot into one of the these cute bathing boxes is out of the question.

Thanks for reading.

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