Sydney Opera House


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Location: Sydney Opera House

What an experience walking through the famous Sydney Opera House and learning it’s amazing history. Though it was a brief but informative tour of the Opera House I thought it was well worth the visit and wish I only had done it sooner. One of the most shocking points I learnt was that the Opera House design was dismissed initially and later all the dismissed designs were reviewed and Jorn Utzon Opera House design was picked. I learnt that it took over 16 years to build the Opera house when it was scheduled to be built in 3 years, the budget was $7 million and it cost over $100 million. You will learn a lot about Jorn Utzon’s journey designing the Opera House and all the work and pressure he went through to achieve his design.

After a quick search online here is a video I found with more information

Ultimately you should visit the site for yourself to really appreciate the building as the inside really showcases a whole other side of beauty that you will appreciate more then just it’s famous sails on the outside.

Or check out the Discovery Channel Documentary as well.

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