Hop On Hop Off Sydney

Sydney (89)

Circular Quay

Sydney (1)

Hop On Hop Off tour – Gate 6

Sydney Sydney (93)

Departing Circular Quay

Sydney (88)

Fort Denison

Sydney (2)

Sailors racing on the Harbour


Some of the most richest estates in the world in Sydney Harbourfront (I forget this building)

Sydney (3)

Sydney (4)

My mother loving the view – holding on tight trying not to get blown away

Sydney (5)

Doyle’s On The Beach – Famous for their Fish & Chips

Sydney (131) Sydney (7)

If I ever come back to Watson’s Bay – I hope to each at the restaurant and not just the fish & chip shop as it looks like a great place to enjoy the evening with some friends.

Sydney (8) Sydney (144) Sydney (9) Sydney (151)

Waiting to Hop On again…

Sydney (10) Sydney (6) Sydney (160) Sydney (162) Sydney (11)

Luna Park – Beautiful lights on at night and if you’re lucky you get to see fireworks as well.

Sydney (12) Sydney (186) Sydney (185)

Location: Hop On Hop Off – Sydney Harbour Explorer

Sunday morning in Sydney was beautiful about two weekends ago when my mother and I flew to Sydney for a quick visit before she returned to Canada. We were so lucky for this sunny day, though it was still very crisp on the water but nonetheless it was beautiful. We decided to go onto cruise around the Harbour and check out the surrounding areas. The day pass for tour cost $40 per adult and you got to get off and on at eight stopovers along the way including Fort Denison, Taronga Zoo, Shark Island, Watsons Bay, Manly and Luna Park with live commentary. With shortage of time we decided to only stop off at Watsons Bay for some fish and chips as we heard they were amazing and they definitely lived up to their reputation Doyle’s Restaurant. Next time I could back to Sydney, I hope to try out Doyle’s restaurant as it looks like a great venue to have dinner and laughs with good friends.

I could not believe how many sail boats were on the harbour but on second thought I could because the winds were so strong and the day was so beautiful it was the best opportunity for any sailboat. It was amazing to see all the boats in action and watching them work hard not to capsize.

If you are only in Sydney for a limited time I recommend jumping on the Hop On Hop Off cruise as it is something different then the bus that you see in all major cities.

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