Review of Sydney

Lover.jpgArchways.jpg Sydney

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Since my recent visit to Sydney I’ve decided to write a review of my experiences and share my adventures with all of you and also help you learn from my own experience.

What I liked on this trip:
1. Sydney Opera House  Rating: 5/5
2. Sydney Harbour Explore Rating: 3.5/5
3. Watson’s Bay at Doyle’s Restaurant Rating 3/5

What I did not like on this trip:

1. Finding restaurants in the CBD can be extremely painful and unless you do your research prior to arriving you could find yourself eating at McDonalds or just going hungry.  Sydney seems very dead on the weekends
2. Commuting around Sydney isn’t as easy as you think.  Preparation is a must and also look at multiple options of how to get to your planned destination. This could be via, taxi, bus, train, boat or car.
3. Shopping and department stores closing early. They do not have extended trading hours in NSW compared to Melbourne VIC.

What I missed on this trip:

1. Bondi Beach – This trip we opted to go shopping first before the stores closed, which meant that we lost daylight
2. On the Hop On Hop Off tour we miss seeing these two locations; Darling harbour and Luna Park
3. Shopping at Lover the Label – as the store was closed for 20 minutes when I went check it out.

Next time I’m in Sydney, these location will be on the top of my discover list:

1. Chinatown
2. Surrey Hill
3. Bondi cliff walks

If anyone has great places to visit in Sydney that they could suggest, please let me know.

Thanks for reading

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