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06.06.14 Alison

06.06.14 Alison (5)

06.06.14 Alison (4)

06.06.14 Alison (3)

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06.06.14 Alison

Introducing a new category into my blog called “People” this section of Hello Kiki will be the link between my new photography work and my life and how I continue to capture photography through my lense.

Over the past year, I have shared stories about my fashion style, travel adventures and my life with my family and friends and just realised I completely forgot to celebrate Hello Kiki’s one year anniversary on 30 May 2014. Looking back over the past year I realized that I have grown as an individual and I am proud to say so has my blog through social media channels and that is thanks to all my readers for your support! Hello Kiki was created to share my love for fashion, travel and photography in one place and what started off as a hobby has evolved into something so much more. It’s an extension of who I am and what I am passionate about which is to continue to follow my dreams and make them come true. As part of my development I am creating website for all my photography work to be displayed and all the services I will provide as a photographer. The “People” category is part of my portrait photography portfolio I am working on developing.

I am so happy to introduce to you Alison Caston, who is the first to feature in my People category. Alison is not only beautiful on the outside but in truly unique on the inside but you have to get to know her more to really find out how incredible she really is. She is almost misunderstood, which is one of my favourite things about her as she fooled me when I first met her. She came across so energetic and youthful that I did not think she was really serious about anything but I was so wrong. Alison loves to have a laugh and enjoy life but she is also a very determined individual who strives for the best in life. I think we are all misunderstood to some degree but the only way to figure someone out is to get to know them. And if you are lucky you might just meet a new lifelong friend.

To get to know Alison, check out her blog called As Told By Alison where she writes stories about her life experiences. They are amazingly written and I encourage you all to read and follow her unique blog.

My favourite blog post she has written are:
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Green Smoothies
This week I Saved 3 Lives No Biggie

Thank you Alison for being my model and especially a great friend! xx

Alison wearing: Piper Dress from Myers (Similar)  | Spurr Heels from Iconic

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