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I discovered RAP jumping in a tourism book called Hide & Seek Melbourne that I bought when I arrived in Australia 4 years ago. I never got around to actually to doing it until now. It’s funny how you don’t take advantage of fun activities in your own city but always go out of your way to do them when you’re on vacation. Being such a global totter I sometimes forget to stop and explore my own local area. For instance, I was too busy looking for big adventures that I nearly didn’t realise that RAP jumping was literally 10 minutes down the street from my house!

My incredible friend Maggie seems to find all these amazing activities to do in and around Melbourne to keep her month jammed packed full of fun. From hiking and road trips to learning how to shoot a gun (very impressive) and evening shows at the Wheeler Centre, she’s always trying out new things. She had already done RAP jumping a couple of months ago but decided to go again when we found a discount online, so I told her to count me in this time round. So last Saturday morning Maggie, her sister Sara and myself went jumping off a building (as you do….)

You might have already seen some photos and a video on my instagram. It was such an adrenaline rush to walk off the edge of a building and then jump down 7 storeys. We got three opportunities to do it and it got better and better every jump. I don’t think you could ever get used to stepping off the edge of a building but having the crew to support and encourage you makes you feel confident. If I went back again, I’d work on my technique when sliding down to be quicker and have more control of the rope.

Anyone in Melbourne who is looking for something to do on the weekend, wake up and have a good breakfast and then at 12pm go RAP jumping for a couple of hours…it’s great fun for all ages.

Thank you to the Melbourne Rap Jumping Crew for a great experience. It is very safe and the best experience to get me motivated for my next adventure on my bucket list… SKY DIVING!!!! Maggie and I hope to achieve this next summer 🙂

TIP: I would suggest that you wear a sweater or jacket that you don’t mind getting dirty or ruined.

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