Love Lockets Toronto

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Toronto has been my home for many years but it is still amazing how much I have not seen. Last week, I finally ventured into the Distillery District to check out the shops and what unique trinkets I could find. It is great to see the architecture of all the historic buildings having only minimal interference from the additional of the overhead high-rise buildings. It brings a unique blend to historic and modern living, which is captivating to any photographer.

The first laneway I turned into had this LOVE sign artwork covered in lockets. Sure enough the first shop we walked into had a table with a basket full of lockets and sharpies and nail polish to decorate your own for $10. I obviously had to create my own locket and attached it to the LOVE sign being a tourist in Toronto now and to remember this moment. I am all about discovering places and creating art and keep moments preserved…which is probably why I am a photographer.

It’s not about how much things cost but creating moments that will last forever and sitting next to my big brother decorating lockets with nail polish and sharpies was great fun! Thanks James for buying my locket. He made one for his 1-year daughter Emma to one day come to Toronto and discover when she grows up. So sweet!

Outfit: Dress (similar) | With_Love_xx Floral headband | Rebecca Minkoff Bag 

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