Heading to the Cuban Beach

2E6A1800 2E6A1805 2E6A1787 2E6A1853 2E6A1646 2E6A1645

2E6A2116 2E6A18632E6A1849 2E6A1848 2E6A1830Due to the lack of time, internet resources and memory space on my laptop…my blog posting has been rather difficult. Especially since my editing software storage is full. Not that I edit my photos too much as I generally keep them in the original state but only do touch ups on skin etc. But I wanted to give you a taste of some of the scenery I embraced while I was Cuba on my resort Riu Varadero.

The beach was my favourite place to be the whole week I was in Cuba. The ocean was beautiful temperature and you got to have so much fun in the waves when they were high. Otherwise it was a great place to hang out and get to know new people and make friends.

I really wanted fresh pineapple while at the beach. The man selling them would not sell it as fresh fruit you had to have a pina colada drink and I didn’t really want to drink at 10am in the morning, especially in the heat. He finally decided to sell it to us without the rum and it was the best drink I had all week. I wish I got more!

Wearing: 1st photo: Old Bikini Top | Anthropologie Headband (similar) | Sunglass from Kensington Market for $5 only
2nd photo: She Made Me White Halter Bikini Top

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