China Victory


Traveling means so much to me that I can’t express all the reasons why…but I guess I try my best to showcase the reasons through my photography.








Can you find me in the crowd?


Making a wish…


This is not a Hello Kiki fan but just a young girl like many others that wanted to take a photo with me because I was foreign. Scott was just as popular and men wanting to take photos too. We learnt that the “peace sign” actually means “victory” to them which is why you see so many asian’s use this hand gesture when posing in photos.


 I hope you like my last series of photos of the Forbidden City, after 3 and half hours of walking through it… I am sure I missed lots as there so was much to capture but none the less it is a magnificent palace.

Next photos should be of the Great Wall of China, as I know many of you have been waiting for them.

Thanks for following 🙂

One thought on “China Victory

  1. Very nice photos! I’m really looking forward to your shots of the Great Wall. It’s such a photogenic place, I’m sure you’ll take some perfect shots!

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