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China Live & Learn

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Grand Metro Park Hotel-4

Grand Metro Park Hotel-2

I am not sure what is worse?

Lived: Arriving to a foreign city extremely jet-lagged without a hotel destination in mind and no sense of direction.
Learnt: Book hotel in advance! 

Lived: Standing on the corner of a street – trying to navigate to your hotel with 4 extremely large suitcase in 31 degree weather with no chinese translation on your map.
Learnt: – Carry two maps at all times to show taxi driver where to go on the Chinese version or write address on a card in Chinese.

Lived: After getting into a taxi – trying to navigate to the hotel off Google maps on your iPhone and explaining where to go to the driver without getting annoyed and stressed out.
Learnt: Google does not work in China & relax and have faith in people!

After all the fuss… trying to figure out where to stay in Beijing, we ended up in this really funky hotel room at the Grand Metro Park Hotel! I was extremely happy after just getting off a 15 hour flight the night before and then a early 6am flight to Beijing. With jetlag creeping up on us rapidly we decided to just chill out for the night in our beautiful room!

And yes… I did utilized the bathtub a luxury I do not have in Melbourne. Also on a busy 5 week holiday you sometimes need to indulge and relax.

The best part about this story is that I have travelled for 10 years now and you think I would know all of this. My carefree travel style can’t always apply to certain destinations. Or maybe I am just getting older and wiser?

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