China Longqingxia


















It is true what they say; a picture is worth a thousand words. However, our pictures we captured on our tour to see the Great Wall does not explain at all the mad panic and stress that occurred before this glorious day took place.

Without getting into all the details, we almost did not get to go on our day trip to the Great Wall as the tour guide company did not receive our booking request and the booking provider were not exactly helpful try to resolve the matter. We ended up solving the issue ourselves continuing to call the local travel agency until we spoke to someone. The local tour guide responded rapidly once they missed the booking as we were suppose to get picked up at 5am as we wanted to be at the wall before the crowds of people arrived. I will leave it there as this day turned from horrible into incredible when we met our driver and tour guide. Private tour is the best way to see China or discover it on your own.

We got picked up at noon and drove to Longqingxia Ravine where we had lunch at a local bed and breakfast. LUNCH was incredible as we were served traditional local food with such rich flavour and a variety to please anyones palette. We had to actually tell them to stop serving us food as it was way too much.

After lunch is when the magic truly began when we were taken to Gucheng River by boat. This ravine is usually found in southern China so it was a really treat to experience it. If we had more time I would have loved to gone up the cable car to photograph the landscape from above.
Unfortunately time was slipping away from us and we still had not seen the Great Wall of China which was the sole purpose for going to Beijing in the first place.

Wearing: Mendocino dress  | Jolie & Deen necklace

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